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When the founder of Kyoto Chinese cuisine, Mr. Kakichi Ko, opened his business, Chinese restaurants were not at all accepted by the people of Kyoto.
Master chef Ko arranged its own Chinese food into Kyoto style since it was not familiar with Kyoto food culture.

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I would like you to open the door of Kyoto style Chinese food with full of surprise and pleasure.

Speaking of the “Father of Kyoto Chinese cuisine,” Mr. Kakichi Ko. After serving as the first head chef of Kyoto\'s first Chinese restaurant \"Hamamura\", he opened \"Homai\", the culmination of his career, after working at \"Hiun\" and \"Daiichiro\". The “light taste” that is characteristic of Kyoto Chinese cuisine is a new concept of Chinese cuisine created by Mr. Kakichi Ko, and it has spread widely mainly in Kyoto city. Trained at \"Homai\", he has inherited the taste of Mr. Ko and is offering a unique taste. Since its opening in December 2015, \"Homai\" has been visited by many people.

At this restaurant, you are able to eat Kyoto style Chinese food which Mr.Ko thought out.

Make the most of seasonal ingredients and kombu dashi
A menu that focuses on appearance and taste

I was particular about all dishes from appetizers to desserts and drinks.
We offer a wide variety of original menus that make use of the umami of kombu dashi that can only be tasted in Kyoto.
Please enjoy the pinnacle of Kyoto Chinese cuisine with your five senses.