It was introduced in the TV program “Himitsu no Kenmin Show Kiwami” that introduces delicious restaurants.

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Kyoto-style Chinese Cuisine The Truth About Kyoto Citizens [Kyoto Prefecture]
・Many Kyoto Chinese restaurants are scattered around geisha districts such as Gion. There is also a shop in a townhouse-style building.
・At the popular Kyoto Chinese restaurant “Takeko,” sweet and sour pork and meatballs are served with Japanese-style bean paste made from sugar, soy sauce, and vinegar (produced in Kyoto).
・The reason why Kyoto Chinese food is different from Chinese food in other prefectures is that 80% of the dishes do not use garlic or spices for the sake of the geisha and maiko.
・Gion Moriyuki, a popular Cantonese restaurant, uses a large amount of egg for the spring roll wrappers. Bamboo shoots account for 80% of the ingredients inside.
・There is a noodle gourmet called “Karashi soba” in the Chinese town of Kyoto. Karashi soba is a type of noodle mixed with Japanese mustard and topped with red bean paste.

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